Become a hearing care specialist

All  three earwax removal methods in one training course.

Whether you are looking to boost your existing clinical provision, setting up a new business, or enhancing or refreshing your hearing healthcare skills, Audible Education is here to help you.

The Complete Earwax Removal Course – why it’s best for you…

Urgent UK need for highly trained hearing care professionals.

With loss of hearing ranked as the second most common disability in the UK and our aging population predicted to double in the next 25 years, alongside a declining capacity for our publicly funded national healthcare services to meet demand, there is an ever-increasing and urgent need for high quality hearing care support and for trained hearing care professionals. For example, many GP surgeries no longer offer earwax removal so there has never been a better time to enhance your hearing healthcare skills.

Do you have a real passion to make a difference?

Hearing loss negatively impacts people’s lives and wellbeing in so very many ways: it can lead to social withdrawal and feelings of isolation; create problems in relationships; reduce independence; lower self-esteem and confidence; limit work and educational opportunities; and cause cognitive decline, which may even increase the risk of dementia.

Our Training Courses

A one-day foundation course which is intended to increase the student’s understanding of the ear, diseases of the ear, and contraindications. Successful completion of this course gives the basis for entry to the Complete Earwax Removal Course.

Our Two-day earwax removal course covers:
* Microsuction *Irrigation * Instrumentation (manual tools)

An intensive and comprehensive training that delivers multiple clinical competencies and increased confidence to carry out all three procedures, with an awareness of the individual benefits of each and understanding of earwax management.

A one-day course on how to take an impression of the ear safely and accurately using the latest techniques and procedures. A theoretical and practical training day that will give you the confidence and skill to take the perfect impression.

Full training on ear wax removal by microsuction, best practice, techniques and equipment choices. This course is suitable for someone who is both new to microsuction or to someone who is already trained and needs to refresh their confidence and competency.

Full training on ear wax removal by irrigation, best practice, techniques and equipment choices. This course is suitable for someone who is both new to irrigation or to someone who is already trained and needs to refresh their confidence and competency.

Your Learner Journey with Audible Education

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3

Ear Anatomy & Otoscopy

How to safely examine and understand the ear, its diseases, and contraindications.

Complete Ear Wax Removal

The three main earwax removal treatments, all included in an intensive, two-day course.

Taking Ear Impressions

How to take an impression of the ear safely and accurately.

Hearing Care Assistant (HCA)

Using the skills and knowledge previously learnt may give you the opportunity to undertake a Hearing Care Assistant Course.

Hearing Aid Dispenser

Following successful completion of a HCA course enables direct access to a Foundation Degree, which leads to registration as a Hearing Aid Dispenser with the HCPC.

Why choose Audible Education?

We offer a range of high-quality hearing care courses, delivered by people with the essential training and experience, to give you the skills and confidence you need to practise safely and effectively and to advance your career as a hearing care specialist. We also provide expert advice on how to set up and grow a commercially viable business.

Take a look at everything Audible Education’s training can offer you, from our Ear Anatomy Foundation course to our Complete Earwax Removal course – a comprehensive two-day course covering microsuction, irrigation and instrumentation (manual tools). Find out how being equipped with the knowledge and skills in three earwax removal methods helps you get the very best result as soon as possible for your client, saving then time and maximising your valuable clinic resources in a win-win scenario.

We also support Continuous Professional Development through improvement and refresher courses.

Our range of training courses are delivered by audiology experts and skilled trainers who are fully immersed in current clinical practice, giving them the ability to use recent and relevant experience to complement theoretical learning.

At Audible Education, you will benefit from:

  • Skilled practising trainers
  • A purpose-built training room
  • An onsite clinical practice room
  • Our certificate to add to your professional CPD portfolio

Complete Earwax Removal – a comprehensive two-day CPD certified course from Audible Education - why it’s best for you…

Audible Education brings comprehensive, high quality earwax removal training to health care professionals who want to make a positive difference to their clients. Our training can help them offer the very best in ear care, confident in the knowledge that they are doing this in the most effective and safest way.

As well as the high standard of training in microsuction, irrigation and instrumentation (manual tools), delivered by our outstanding team, what makes our offer the clear training of choice is that all three earwax removal treatments are included in an intensive, two-day course.

Very few earwax removal courses offer all three methods in one training course. However, it makes perfect sense to cover them together in this way because the more ‘tools’ you have at your disposal, the more effectively and quickly you are able to achieve a positive outcome for your client. Earwax removal isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. To achieve optimum results, you may need to use a combination of methods.

With knowledge and skills in one method only, you and the client may lose valuable time and resource by having to ask the client to return to clinic for follow-up treatment, after a period of using ear drops.

Our two-day course ensures the optimum use of your resources – less time, less travel, less cost – while you benefit from a cohesive approach in training style and methods with an experienced and knowledgeable team. Over the two days, you will build a rapport and important connections with your course tutors and peers.

We cover everything. Your multiple competencies in earwax removal and management and learning of the business of audiology, gained through the course, will equip you with all the professional knowledge and skills you need in clinic and support your personal Continuous Professional Development and business growth.

Your all-inclusive learning will support first-time treatment success rates, increased patient satisfaction and reduced clinic times – a win-win for your practice and your clients.


"Being able to practice a new skill was the most beneficial part of this course. I really enjoyed learning more about ear anatomy and gaining a new skill."

Febin - Ear Impressions

"I found the opportunity to practice new skills under supervision, and using different/new pieces of equipment, to be the most valuable and beneficial aspects of the course. My confidence has grown on this course, and I feel ready to take the next steps on my journey."

Julie - Complete Ear Wax Removal

"The practical aspects of this course were the most valuable to me. Using different equipment and troubleshooting. I really enjoyed this course and I look forward to starting with microsuction."

Sam - Complete Ear Wax Removal

"Training with an experienced tutor along with lots of hands-on training was the best part of this course. I really enjoyed my time with Audible Education and feel I was able to gain a new skill set. The clinic day was the best part."

Febin - Complete Ear Wax Removal

"The most valuable aspect of this course was my ability to gain experience with different equipment and gaining confidence. Rated 5/5 for learning environment, clarity of course materials, and balance between theory and practical application. A brilliant day. Thank you."

Julie - Ear Anatomy & Otoscopy

"A very informative course that was interesting throughout, really well presented and having the chance to use the clinic room with real patients really helped my confidence. Many thanks.”


"Many thanks to Heidi she was brilliant, she really knows her stuff. I learnt so much and we had lots of time to practice. Thanks for making the training so enjoyable."


"Now I know why microsuction and irrigation complement each other so well! I cant wait to try them out, no more rebooked patients for me… Really appreciated the time Heidi took with us, many many thanks."