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Audible Education is totally in touch with training needs and industry trends

Our exceptional training team comprises professionals with the most impressive credentials and experience in training, current audiology practice and business development who are all industry specialists practising ear health on a daily basis.

Our lead trainer and senior audiologist Heidi is proud of having treated 5,000 ears over the last 6 months; trainer Helen is an accomplished and current practitioner of earwax removal gained in practice and in the field; and Ged has over 20 years of experience as a senior figure in the audiology industry, building and managing strong teams and running successful businesses in the sector.

So, who better to learn from than a group of people with progressive, professional insight who are skilled in combining academic learning with first-hand knowledge of current clinical practice and challenges?

Our team has a real passion for raising the bar and encouraging opportunities for people with a passion for creating better experiences and improved outcomes for hearing care patients. They strongly support the expansion of high quality, patient-centric private care where clients can be treated promptly, safely and with clinically robust procedures. They are committed to the holistic treatment of people, practising with integrity and creating a safe and welcoming space for all.


“The old phrase ‘Those who can, do; those who can’t, teach’ couldn’t be further from reality at Audible Education. Our team are some of the best teachers because we are actually ‘doing’. We are working in the heart of clinic, often with challenging cases. We understand that there’s a human between those ears. We are constantly drawing what influences our own day-to-day learning into our course content and delivery.” Heidi Tanton, Lead Trainer, Audible Education.

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Our Team

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