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Our face-to-face classes are small and intimate, allowing valuable time for one-to-one learning and discussion with the course tutor and supported, hands-on, practical work on dummy models progressing to live patients. This is supported with high quality course materials and delivered by experts. We provide and train you in all the equipment you will need for the course.

We are looking for people who can demonstrate progression, skill improvement and a high degree of safety, developed through reflective practice, to get the best results from our courses.

The Ear Anatomy and Otoscopy Course is suitable for those working in general healthcare and is an ideal introduction and foundation course for aural care.

To join our wax removal and impression courses, and progress your specialisms, you ideally need to be a healthcare professional who is currently practising, or about to work in, hearing care.

Professions that may wish to expand their knowledge or consider aural care may include the following:

  • audiologists
  • dentists
  • GPs and other qualified doctors
  • head and neck specialists
  • healthcare professionals working within the health and social care sector
  • hospital nurses
  • nurse practitioners
  • occupational therapists
  • osteopaths
  • paramedics (particularly those working in a primary care setting)
  • pharmacists
  • physician associates / assistants
  • physiotherapists
  • podiatrists
  • practice nurses
  • registered hearing aid dispensers

Other healthcare professionals – please contact us to discuss your experience and requirements. We would love to talk to you about other areas where we can support your training and help you build a career pathway in audiology.

Aural care should only be undertaken by those who have successfully completed both a formal theory and practical training to carry it out. Those undergoing training in aural care, and subsequently performing the task, would normally be experienced hearing health care professionals.

Our Training Courses

A one-day foundation course which is intended to increase the student’s understanding of the ear, diseases of the ear, and contraindications. Successful completion of this course gives the basis for entry to the Complete Earwax Removal Course.

Our Two-day earwax removal course covers:
* Microsuction *Irrigation * Instrumentation (manual tools)

An intensive and comprehensive training that delivers multiple clinical competencies and increased confidence to carry out all three procedures, with an awareness of the individual benefits of each and understanding of earwax management.

A one-day course on how to take an impression of the ear safely and accurately using the latest techniques and procedures. A theoretical and practical training day that will give you the confidence and skill to take the perfect impression.

Full training on ear wax removal by microsuction, best practice, techniques and equipment choices. This course is suitable for someone who is both new to microsuction or to someone who is already trained and needs to refresh their confidence and competency.

Full training on ear wax removal by irrigation, best practice, techniques and equipment choices. This course is suitable for someone who is both new to irrigation or to someone who is already trained and needs to refresh their confidence and competency.

What's Included

  • 1 day course. (or 2 if applicable).
  • Free on-site road parking.
  • Refreshments and lunch provided.
  • Our certificate to add to your professional CPD portfolio.
  • Discounted equipment packages available.
  • Discounted ongoing supplies available.
  • Relevant form templates provided.
  • Ongoing after training support.

Post-course support

When you have successfully completed the course, you will continue to have access to support from our team of professionals and ongoing peer support.

You will be given guidance on how to create a successful business set up and how to grow your customer base.

There will be advice on equipment – which can be purchased from Audible Education – to enable you to get going straight away and apply your training in clinical practice. The benefit of buying a high-quality equipment package from Audible Education is that we do not tie you to ongoing retention fees.

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