See what our course graduates have to say...

"Training with an experienced tutor along with lots of hands-on training was the best part of this course. I really enjoyed my time with Audible Education and feel I was able to gain a new skill set. The clinic day was the best part."

Complete Ear Wax Removal CourseFebin

"The most valuable aspect of this course was my ability to gain experience with different equipment and gaining confidence. Rated 5/5 for learning environment, clarity of course materials, and balance between theory and practical application. A brilliant day. Thank you."

Ear Anatomy & Otoscopy CourseJulie

"The practical aspects of this course were the most valuable to me. Using different equipment and troubleshooting. I really enjoyed this course and I look forward to starting with microsuction."

The Complete Ear Wax Removal CourseSam

"Being able to practice a new skill was the most beneficial part of this course. I really enjoyed learning more about ear anatomy and gaining a new skill."

Ear Impressions CourseFebin

"A very informative course that was interesting throughout, really well presented and having the chance to use the clinic room with real patients really helped my confidence. Many thanks.”

The Complete Ear Wax Removal CourseSaminah

"This course was perfect for increasing my confidence with microsuction and going over some new techniques. The hands-on clinic experience was the best part of this course."

Microsuction Refresher CourseEmma

"I found the opportunity to practice new skills under supervision, and using different/new pieces of equipment, to be the most valuable and beneficial aspects of the course. My confidence has grown on this course, and I feel ready to take the next steps on my journey."

The Complete Ear Wax Removal CourseJulie

"Many thanks to Heidi she was brilliant, she really knows her stuff. I learnt so much and we had lots of time to practice. Thanks for making the training so enjoyable."

Ear Impressions CourseZahra

"Now I know why microsuction and irrigation complement each other so well! I cant wait to try them out, no more rebooked patients for me… Really appreciated the time Heidi took with us, many many thanks."

The Complete Ear Wax Removal CourseJo

"This was a great course to build my foundational knowledge. Heidi is a great trainer and very supportive. An enjoyable day. Thank you."

Ear Anatomy & Otoscopy CourseLianne